mus271b – week 3

an update of amp and mod for week 3…


assignment for week 4

create a short study using some combination of wave shape oscillators and FM, AM, PM or additive synthesis. use qlist to change sounds and parameters, use adsr to control amplitude or other parameters.

mus271b – syllabus

music 271b - survey of electronic music techniques - spring 2017
cpmc 365 - wednesday 2 to 5
tom erbe - cpmc 254 - office hours by appt. -

we will be talking about fundamental techniques in computer music in this class. i’ll spend 1 or 2 classes on each topic and i will give an assignment about every two weeks. the topics are most likely to be:

1 – oscillators, modulators, harmonics, sequencing, polyphony

2 – filters, amplifiers, distortion, waveshaping, harmonizers, MIDI

3 – sampling, looping, brassage, granular techniques

4 – delay, chorus, flange, reverb

5 – spectral techniques, convolution, time & pitch shifting

6 – spatialization, binaural filters, VBAP, ambisonics

7 – physical modeling, waveguides, modal synthesis

other possible topics will be discussed in the first class according to your interest.

throughout the class we will focus on general Max/MSP techniques, controllers, interfaces, etc.

for each assignment, i will ask you to present your project in class. your projects should generally take the form of a short study, in which you will need to demonstrate the techniques assigned.

your grade will be based on:

90% – the 5 assignments

5% – attendance and participation

text – i will point out readings in miller’s textbook from time to time, as well as relevant articles from the cycling74 website.