Williams Mix

My current project is creating a new performance version of Williams Mix. I have received the score from the John Cage Trust and am measuring and noting all of the tape edits from the original 192 page score. This detailed information will be used to create a computer music program or patch with which I can perform the piece. I do not think anyone has taken this approach yet.

Soon I will be putting out a call for sound file ┬ácontributions to this version. I will try to cast my net wide, as Cage’s original note calls for “all acoustic phenomena”. However, if I miss you and you would like to contribute to this project, please get in touch.


1 thought on “Williams Mix

  1. Dear Tom,

    I was one of those people who bought your SoundHack program by sending you a CD of my own work(years ago!). I think this is a great idea, Willie’s Mix (turbo-charged).

    I’d be honored to provide any help within my meager means.
    best wishes,

    ray kaczynski

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