MUS174C – Editing and Mixing Assignments

Present rough mix/edit week 7 Tuesday
  • 2A: Kjell Nordeson: Farley, D’Agostini
  • 2B: Mari Kawamura: Greenwood, Hess
  • 3A: Madison Greenstone: Bari, Bahn
  • 3B: Kyle Adam Blair: Jiao, Loree
  • 4A: Ben Rempel:  Richardson, Chumakov
Present rough mix/edit week 7 Thursday
  • 4B: Barbara Byers: Levick, Galang
  • 5A: Tim McNalley: Zamora, Reid
  • 5B: Anthony Vine: Abid, Kim
  • 6B: Jordan Morton: Hovander, Jiron

MUS174C – session requirements

Look at the course calendar to see which session you are assigned to.

1) If you are the first person listed in bold, you are responsible for the mic setup, sending me a mic plot and listing the day before the session, checking out microphones, stands, headphones, cables, etc. and setting up the microphones.

2) If you are the second person listed in bold, you are responsible for setting up ProTools before the session (all channels should be created, labelled, and correspond to the mic list from 1. You are also responsible for logging the session.

3) If you are listed for the session, you are helping out in setup and breakout. Also, 1 and 2 can assign you duties (fix the headphones, move the mic, do the log, run the session for a while, make sure no one lets the door slam, etc.)

4) After the session gets started, I will split off with the people who have a session next week to plan that session (in 268). Next week is Greenstone (Tues.) and Blair (Thurs.). If you are listed for either session, you are required to be at the planning meeting.


MUS174C – Recording Schedule

week 2
4/10: Kjell Nordeson – percussion/vibes set up (Farley, Richardson, Galang, Levick, Loree, Bahn, Zamora)
4/12: Mari Kawamura, piano (Greenwood,ChumakovBahn, Hovander,  Kim, Jiron, Jiao)
week 3
4/17: Madison Greenstone, clarinet  (Hess, Bari, Galang, Loree, D’Agostini, Greenwood,  Zamora, Abid)
4/19: Kyle Adam Blair – musical (Jiao, Loree, Hovander, Richardson, Bari, Jiron, D’Agostini, Hess)
week 4
4/24: Ben Rempel – 4 piece brazilian band   (Kim, Bahn, Galang, Chumakov, Farley, Reid, Zamora, Abid)
4/26: Barbara Byers – voice, koto, percussion, and double bass  (Galang, Zamora, Jiron, Chumakov, Levick, Jiao, Bahn, Greenwood )
week 5
5/1: Tim McNalley – slide guitar trio thingy, guitar/bass/drums (ReidD’Agostini, Hess, Hovander, Bari, Levick, Loree, Greenwood, Abid)
5/3: Anthony Vine – ambient electric guitar and clarinet (Levick, Abid, Reid, Hovander, Chumakov, Richardson, Farley, Kim, Jiron, Jiao)
week 6
5/10: Jordan Morton, voice and bass stuff (Jiron, Hovander, Farley, D’Agostini, Richardson, Bari, Kim, Reid, Hess)

MUS 174C – Syllabus

mus 174c - audio studio techniques - spring 2018
cpmc 269/203 - tuesday, thursday 11:00 - 12:20
instructor - tom erbe - - cpmc 254
teaching assistant - jordan morton -

advanced projects – studio design


  • projects in class – working with grad students and faculty guests
  • room acoustics
  • building a studio
  • audio electronics


  1.  tape op magazine
  2.  bartlett & bartlett – practical recording techniques

class requirements

  • 25% – attendance, participation, quiz
  • 75% – final project

project requirements

  • tracked in class, each person has specific tasks for tracking session
  • edited as group
  • each person mixes and masters their own version
  • you must help on 4 tracking sessions
  • you must plan and setup a solo session alone, or plan and setup a multiple instrument session with another student
  • must attend planning session before each of 4 selected tracking session
  • show respect for diverse music



MUS 174C – Schedule

week 1
4/3: Introduction: Review of general micing techniques/session planning and process
4/5: Planning for week 2 – 6 sessions
week 2
4/10: Kjell Nordeson – percussion/vibes set up
4/12: Mari Kawamura, piano (s)
week 3
4/17: Madison Greenstone, clarinet – extended technique 20′ long piece, very beautiful and interesting and will be a good challenge to mic (s)
4/19: Kyle Adam Blair – demo of a new musical he is writing, w/singers
week 4
4/24: Ben Rempel – 4 piece brazilian band
4/26: Barbara Byers – trio of original music, voice, koto, percussion, and double bass
week 5
5/1: Tim McNalley – alum returning in style with a slide guitar trio thingy, guitar/bass/drums
5/3: Anthony Vine – ambient electric guitar and clarinet, long-form meditative stuff
week 6
5/8: Lecture: Studio Acoustics/Treatment/Room Design
5/10: Jordan Morton, voice and bass stuff, probably live (s)
week 7
5/12: Listening: week 2, 3, 4 play edited rough mixes with critique
5/14: Listening: week 4, 5, 6 play edited rough mixes with critique
week 8
Lecture: Designing a studio of any size (1)
Lecture: Designing a studio of any size (2)
week 9
Lecture: Studio electronics (1)
Lecture: Studio electronics (2)
week 10
Tuesday/Thursday: present final pieces

MUS174B – Assignment 3

1) 3-5 minute piece
– at least 10 tracks total

give a good sense of space and depth. pay attention to left-right and front-back dimensions – change the spatial relations during the piece (bigger/smaller or move the instruments for different sections)

3) use effects to both highlight and polish different tracks – all of these effects should improve the mix
use looping, time stretching, pitch shifting or varispeed
– use delay based reverb
– use convolution reverb with several spaces

4) use automation
– on volumes and pans
– on effect settings

give your piece separate sections with mix and effect changes between the sections

6) master the piece after mixing in a separate session, applying a combination of gain changes, reverb, eq, compression, fade in/out. all of these elements are required

7) present your piece in tenth or finals week
– play the piece, explaining what you did and answering questions.
– play the mastered version and show how it is improved
– hand in documentation with a paragraph describing your mix and mastering process

groups (leader first)

1 (60s) – Daniela, Chloe, Cordane, Salvador
2 (70s) – Shaan, Kenroe, Grant
3 (60s) – Yidai, Caleb, Forest
4 (70s) – Glen, Greg, Cory
5 (80s) – Francis, Camden, Chi, Kostik
6 (40s) – Crystal, Jorge, Tracy
7 (40s) – Chris, John, Matthew

Mus174B – Assignment 2

mus 174b – assignment 2

record 5-10 tracks: 2+ solo, 3+ backing – 2:30 to 6 minutes – must be recorded with microphones
– double track (or more) the solo instrument or voice
– divide tracks into 2-4 functional groups (these groups should be named, and make sense)
– use compression on one or more groups or tracks
– use gating to tighten up a track
– use either key gating or a gated delay/reverb effect
– use delay, phase shift, chorus or flange to accentuate a foreground track
– use pitch shifting or distortion to thicken a track
– reverb only on individual tracks
– save the groups as individual recordings after effects (stems)
– hand in documentation describing your mix decisions

due tuesday week 8 – 2-27-18
extra point for presenting on 2-27


john d’agostini – crystal jiao – kostyantyn chumakov
yidai li – cory bahn – forest reid
grant hovander – francis galang – salvador zamora
caleb hess – christopher loree – cordane richardson
camden greenwood – william carlisle – matthew rice
chi zhang – raymond lim – jorge jiron villarreal
tracy levick – daniela chaparro – gregory farley
chloe bari – kenroe ang

mus 174b – assignment 1

1) record new material, 6-12 tracks:  between 2 and 4 minutes
2) make several inaudible edits
3) one or more of the tracks should be vocal
4) the rest of the tracks can be computer or electronic (synths, drum machine, pd, max/msp, looped samples, noise, etc.). no premixed backing tracks
5) all electronic tracks should have track effects (plugins) to give them unique identity using eq or reverb
6) create 2 different mixes which gives a different sense of foreground, width and depth
7) create width with panning
8) establish foreground instruments with volume differences and eq
9) create width and depth with reverb/mic distance
10) separate the tracks into 3 or more groups, route the groups into 3 or more aux input tracks, mix aux tracks for final mix
11) apply fade-in and fade-out to final stereo mixes
12) leave session and mix files on class disk (174B folder, project name with your last names)

present in class on 2-1-18 or 2-6-18 (thurs. wk4, tues. wk5)


Cory Jonathan Banh – Francis Kyle Galang – Matthew Harrison Rice
Christopher Patrick Loree – Jorge Alberto Jiron Villarreal – William Joseph-Glen Carlisle
Raymond S Lim – Daniela Andrea Chaparro – Gregory Tazmond Farley
Chloe Jessica Bari – Kenroe Ervin Ang – John Anthony D’Agostini
Yidai Li – Grant Parker Hovander – Kostyantyn Chumakov
Caleb Michael Hess – James Forest Reid – Camden Robert Greenwood
Chi Zhang – Tracy Nicole Levick – Salvador Zamora
Jacob Michael Ugalde – Crystal Jiao – Cordane Omari Richardson

MUS174A – 3rd assignment

assignment #3 – music 174a

the idea of this project is to record at least 3 different instruments (a drum kit is considered a single instrument) with microphones to create a complete recording of a piece or song. quality counts. strive for fullness and detail.

3-5 minute piece

1 use at least 3 different microphones

2 majority of tracks should be miked (some electronic instruments allowed)

3 use close and distant miking

4 make at least two overdubs

5 at least 5 edits, and at least 10 tracks

6 do a basic rough mix

no effects or plugins with the following exception:
– acoustic effects can be used (hallway reverb, room mic, etc.)

you must present your piece in 10th or finals week, playing the piece, explaining what you did and answering questions.
you should place the session in the 174a folder, with a separate stereo interleaved soundfile with the final edit/rough mix.

you should also hand in documentation as follows:
– microphone/instrument diagram
– track listing with mic, settings
– take listing with time, description, notes

work in the following groups

Grant Parker Hovander – James Forest Reid – Tracy Nicole Levick
Crystal Jiao – Matthew Harrison Rice – Joyce Hwayoung Park
William Joseph-Glen Carlisle – Gregory Tazmond Farley
John Anthony D’Agostini – Kostyantyn Chumakov – Aldo Marcel Mojica
Camden Robert Greenwood – Salvador Zamora – Cordane Omari Richardson
Cory Jonathan Banh – Christopher Patrick Loree
Raymond S Lim – Chloe Jessica Bari – Yidai Li
Camille Angela Latzke – Caleb Michael Hess – Chi Zhang
Jacob Michael Ugalde – Francis Kyle Galang – Jorge Alberto Jiron Villarreal
Daniela Andrea Chaparro – Kenroe Ervin Ang – Lizbeth Rios