MUS174B – Assignment 3

1) 3-5 minute piece
– at least 10 tracks total

give a good sense of space and depth. pay attention to left-right and front-back dimensions – change the spatial relations during the piece (bigger/smaller or move the instruments for different sections)

3) use effects to both highlight and polish different tracks – all of these effects should improve the mix
use looping, time stretching, pitch shifting or varispeed
– use delay based reverb
– use convolution reverb with several spaces

4) use automation
– on volumes and pans
– on effect settings

give your piece separate sections with mix and effect changes between the sections

6) master the piece after mixing in a separate session, applying a combination of gain changes, reverb, eq, compression, fade in/out. all of these elements are required

7) present your piece in tenth or finals week
– play the piece, explaining what you did and answering questions.
– play the mastered version and show how it is improved
– hand in documentation with a paragraph describing your mix and mastering process

groups (leader first)

1 (60s) – Daniela, Chloe, Cordane, Salvador
2 (70s) – Shaan, Kenroe, Grant
3 (60s) – Yidai, Caleb, Forest
4 (70s) – Glen, Greg, Cory
5 (80s) – Francis, Camden, Chi, Kostik
6 (40s) – Crystal, Jorge, Tracy
7 (40s) – Chris, John, Matthew