MUS206: Hardware Synthesis Syllabus

Hardware Synthesis Syllabus

Topics for Fall 2018

  1. A) Patching and Signals: Control Voltage, Audio, AC, DC, Gates, Triggers (Strange: Chapter 5); B) Slope, Envelope and LFO (Maths Manual – Make Noise Website)
  2. Oscillators: Sine, Square, Triangle and Ramp; Sync; Linear & Log Frequency; Vibrato & Gliss; Subharmonics; Additive; Noise; Multiple Oscillators; ASR (Strange: Chapter 3)
  3. Amplifiers: Tremolo; Envelope and LFO; Amplitude and Ring Modulation, Envelope Tracking, Types of VCAs (Strange: Chapter 4)
  4. Modulation: More Amplitude and Ring Mod, Wave Folding, Frequency Modulation, Chaotic Oscillation, Feedback Networks (Strange: Chapter 7-8)
  5. Playing 1st pieces.
  6. Sequencing and Variation, Structure, Rhythmic Patching, Clocking (Rene Manual – Make Noise Website)
  7. Holiday
  8. Musique Concrete Techniques. Computer Interface: MIDI, Control Voltage, Gates; Recording Material
  9. Reverb and Echo; External Processing; Processing Computer Signals
  10. Playing 2nd pieces

Readings from Allan Strange: Electronic Music; Make Noise Website

Listening Assignments

Pieces Presented on Week 5 and Week 10